ICE Agents Descend on US Cities

In a new onslaught against undocumented immigrants, the US government is now deploying BORTAC agents— ICE’s equivalent to SWAT teams— to sanctuary cities around the US.

These forces are equipped with both specialized, militaristic weaponry, such as grenades; and Special-Forces-style training, such as sniper certification.

These forces will be targeting black and brown communities, as legal status ultimately serves as a pretense for white supremacist violence.

This move represents a new chapter in the ongoing war against immigrants. The US Empire is increasingly expanding the scope of the fight, in terms of both targeted geographic locations and the brute force it is preparing to unleash against the masses.

Just last week— on February 7th, 2020— ICE agents in Brooklyn shot 25-year-old Eric Diaz in the face as he tried to intervene during one of its vile operations. In spite of such ongoing violence already enacted upon immigrants, their friends, and their families, the Empire’s thirst for blood has not been satisfied. It continues to find newly horrific ways to terrorize these communities.

RAM-NYC stands in solidarity with immigrants everywhere in the face of this boundless cruelty. Around the world, populations displaced by apartheid, hunger, climate change, and a plethora of other forces have faced relentless violence and oppression by the very State entities that propel these forces in the first place. We will fight without rest for the abolition of borders, detention centers, and prisons worldwide.

February 2020