RAM & New Afrikan Black Panther Party Rally in #NYC: Demand Amnesty for All Arrested During the Uprising

100 Centre St, Manhattan (New York City)

Fri, Sept 4th


This “criminal” trial will not settle the question, there will be a war until justice is served… I feel that independence will come only after total revolution, when the government no longer exists or simply hasn’t the power to extend its authority over us.

  • Kuwasi Balagoon

The stakes of the all or nothing wager that is the battle against the imperialist State has been raised to a new fever pitch. As the summer uprising develops into a new phase of struggle, we cannot forget the scores of rebels who have been locked behind the iron and concrete of the repressive apparatus. Indeed, a movement can only come to manifest itself as a social force by relentlessly extending its solidarity to the arrested and the incarcerated.

We therefore call on all of the participants of the George Floyd uprising to join us in the streets to demand a blanket amnesty for everyone involved, without distinction. Whatever the charges that have been handed down, we refuse to accept any bourgeoisie notion of guilt or innocence paraded by this racist legal system. Since the same white-supremacist State that carelessly erases Black lives now holds our comrades in its clutches, the multiform struggle for black liberation and collective freedom must be continued with novel and dynamic dimensions.

Whether felony or misdemeanor, property destruction or civil disobedience, we reject the divisions externally imposed upon the movement by the State and insist that all charges be immediately dropped. Like the sound of the drum beating out the call for an uprising of fugitive slaves, RAM and the New Afrikan Black Panther Party are sending out the message to everyone to flood the avenues and blocks of this city in the name of amnesty and revolution!