Until the End of ICE

In the past week, the current figurehead of the U.S. empire threatened an upcoming round of raids targeting undocumented people– particularly families. It is no secret, however, that such raids have been going on for as long as this country has had immigrants. Whether the new raids promised by Trump – building on the increased […]

Banner Drop for the Vaughn 17

We dropped this banner for the Vaughn 17 who bravely stood together against the prison system in Delaware. Trumped-up charges were leveled against these comrades, a vindictive measure for the Vaughn prison uprising in February 2017. We celebrated earlier this year when charges were dropped against many of the Vaughn 17. However, their trials continue […]

May Day 2019 in NYC

This May Day, the New York City chapters of the Revolutionary Abolitionist Movement, Anarchist Black Cross, and Shut it Down called for a noise demo at Brooklyn Detention Center. Action had started earlier that day in Union Square, where antifascists separated a flag and swastika from a neo-Nazi, pummeling him in the process. In the […]

Condemnation of the Fascist Capture of Migrants in New Mexico

Fascists thugs calling themselves the United Constitutional Patriots have been rounding up migrants in New Mexico at gunpoint, harassing and intimidating them before handing them over to the fascist thugs who call themselves Border Patrol. These people traveled through the night to seek asylum, many were fleeing circumstances created by the very state that they […]

NYC: Memorial for Lorenzo Orsetti

On Saturday, April 6th revolutionaries, supporters of Rojava, and former YPG fighters gathered to pay their respects to Lorenzo Orsetti (Tekoşer Piling), who fought with Anarchist Struggle and Tikko. The following statement and video was produced by the Revolutionary Abolitionist Movement (RAM).  Together we commemorated his actions and his character, and the legacy he sought […]

RAM-NYC Statement on Fallen Anarchist Fighter Tekoşer Piling

On Monday March 18th, anarchist Lorenzo (Orso) Orsetti, nom de guerre Tekoşer Piling, fell while fighting in Baghouz, as a member of the unit Tekoşîna Anarşîst (Anarchist Struggle). He fought in Afrin and Deir Ezzor, and helped build the only anarchist unit in Rojava. As fascism entrenches ever deeper in states and territories around the […]

Trump & Bolsonaro: Call to Defeat NeoFascism

On March 19th, the reactionary leadership of the US and Brazil, led by presidents Donald Trump and Jair Bolsonaro, took part in meetings in Washington, D.C. As representatives of the global escalation of neofascism, these products of the rotten bourgeois democracy, the imperialist offensive, and white supremacist ideology seek to deepen the domination, exploitation and […]

RAM-NYC Action Against US Intervention in Venezuela

In response to the US intervention in the Venezuela political system, and their threats of potential military action, we organized an action in solidarity with the revolutionary organizations and people of Venezuela. Organized in tandem with NYC Shut it Down, we made noise outside of US military recruiting center in downtown Brooklyn. People were supportive […]

Against US Intervention in Venezuela: Death to Yankee Imperialism

During the Chavista period, residents of Venezuela organized consumer cooperatives, communes and wide-ranging regional organization from working-class neighborhoods. As usual, the state power at the time — the Chavista government — attempted to create programs to meet people’s needs from the top down, resulting in a process replete with contradictions. Nevertheless, these communes and cooperatives […]

Support Juivonne Littlejohn: Prison Rebel Facing Repression for Prison Strike Organizing

Juivonne, a prison rebel who helped to organize the 2016 prison strike and uprising in Kinross Prison in Michigan, is facing retaliation for allegedly attempting to organize actions during the 2018 prison strike last summer. Prison officials have placed him in administrative segregation and charged him with incitement to riot or strike. He is facing […]