Call for International Solidarity: Storm Their Fragile Bastions of Power

Revolutionary greetings from the insurrection sweeping throughout the occupied territories of the so-called United States of America. We are asking comrades across the world for immediate and unrelenting acts solidarity against the US. In the past few days, we have accumulated experiences that amount to decades of learning. In doing exactly what we previously thought […]

Call for autonomous action on #MayDay

While deadlier diseases have come and gone, the world is now in a uniquely disastrous position with the COVID-19 pandemic as it affects the entire world simultaneously. With capitalism grinding to a screeching halt in some areas, the refusal of the state to competently allocate resources, millions out of work, and already marginalized communities bearing […]

A Month of Action for Bomani Shakur

Call to participate in a month of solidarity with political prisoner, Bomani Shakur. This April, 2020, we invite you to participate in a month of actions and events for comrade Bomani Shakur. Bomani Shakur has been showering our world with beautiful gifts. His words and actions haven’t missed a beat in elevating those he knows […]

ICE Agents Descend on US Cities

In a new onslaught against undocumented immigrants, the US government is now deploying BORTAC agents— ICE’s equivalent to SWAT teams— to sanctuary cities around the US. These forces are equipped with both specialized, militaristic weaponry, such as grenades; and Special-Forces-style training, such as sniper certification. These forces will be targeting black and brown communities, as […]

RAM Statement Against New NYC Prison Construction

After years of calls to shut down the brutal penal colony that is Rikers Island, the state surveyed the landscape of dissent, as all colonizers do, and formed a plan to crush, co-opt and exploit the people’s fight for liberation. The state focused its glowing red eyes on what could be gained from the disaster […]

Betrayal and Solidarity: Rojava on the Brink of War

The United States, as expected, is abandoning the Kurdish movement, and leaving revolutionary forces to face a multi-pronged assault from reactionaries: the Turkish state and ISIS. The US recently opened the Rojava-Turkey border, on the east of the Euphrates to joint Turkish and US military patrols. It was clear at this point, with Turkish forces […]

RAM Philly Statement on ‘What Will Bring About Our Freedom’ Presentation

On August 31st, in so called Illinois, in the tradition of Black August revolutionary learning and growth, RAM members facilitated “What will bring about our freedom,” a discussion/workshop on Black anarchism that we plan to replicate across the country. Our discussion drew on the work of Zoe Samudzi, William C. Anderson, Russell Maroon Shoatz, Lorenzo […]

Statement on Anniversary of Attica Rebellion and Prison Strikes

Forty-eight years ago today, prisoners at Attica Correctional Facility in Attica, New York made history by beginning a days-long riot against their captors, demanding better living conditions and respect of their basic humanity. The rebellion occurred just two weeks after the murder of Soledad Brother George Jackson at San Quentin prison, while he made a […]

Solidarity With the Uprisings in Puerto Rico/Borikén

Upon discovering a chat forum in which government officials mocked the victims of Hurricane Maria and employed sexist and homophobic language, the people of Borikén took to the streets to demand the removal of Governor Rosselló. Massive demonstrations coalesced in an attempt to burn the governor’s mansion, La Fortaleza. On Monday, July 15, the State […]